Saint Patrick and the Shamrock

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and on this “divided” island, this is one thing “the green” and “the orange” can agree on!  He was hugely influential on the Irish culture, religion and legend.  Famously, and known the world over for bringing and spreading the Christian faith to Ireland.

One of his most known symbolic contributions is using the Shamrock (a three leaved plant) to symbolise the Christian trinity of three being one.  This symbol has been used to represent Ireland and of course Saint Patrick.

So when someone familiar with the teachings of Saint Patrick, sees the following offering for Saint Patrick’s day, it really is a face-palm moment.

Screen capture from

The four (or more) leaved clover, as seen on the hat, has nothing to do with Saint Patrick.  It is a symbol of “luck” as they are a rare occurrence in nature.  Myself, I have only ever seen one when I was a boy, and I was urged to keep it for luck.

But it does make me wonder if there is some symbolism intended.  Maybe its just an ignorant mistake, or maybe the fourth leave represents President Trump himself.  Putting himself up there with “The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” to “make America Great Again”,  who knows.  But as someone from Ireland, this kind of “ignorance” towards our patron Saint is quite offensive!


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