I’m going to Akademy!


With the help of the Ubuntu Community Fund, I will be flying to Berlin, Germany to attend QtCon, KDE Akademy and KDE’s 20th birthday bash too!!!

Thank-you so much to the Ubuntu community fund for actually making this happen for me, and most of all, the kind donations from the community that make it possible.  I’d also like to thank KDE e.V. and KDE community for organising Akademy, which from looking at previous ones, looks absolutely amazing!

This year, Akademy follows on from Qtcon, which should be very interesting.  Lots of other projects I know and love will be there, from KDAB, VLC, Qt and FSFE.  There also seem to be a lot of talks I would be interested in attending.

Of course, the major highlight for me will be Kubuntu and having our annual face-to-face meeting.  I am personally very excited and extremely nervous about this, as it is the first time I’ve met these people, face to face.  As a family member put it, “for all you know they could all be mass murders!”

So I appeal to you all, watch the news for strange reports of an Irish man disappearing in Berlin!


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