Will the real Big Clive please stand up

So, I was talking to some on-line friends about working on my blog and was asked if it was a vblog (video blog).  I was a bit shocked by the question, as I hate webcams, they are evil I tell you!

Turns out this person had found a favourite site of mine, a YouTuber by the name of Big Clive!  His website is at www.bigclive.com and Youtube username is bigclivedotcom  I have been watching this guy for quite some time and really enjoy his videos and sense of humour!


Yes, I’m big and my name is Clive, but no, he’s not me and I’m not him. One major difference is that he is Scottish and I’m Irish, that’s a huge give away.  He also has a goatee beard thingie that I don’t have. How on earth can you confuse the two of us?!? I guess from an American point of view, apparently, the two accents sound alike :/  As Big Clive would say “That’s quite interesting ….. mmmm …..  I’m not sure”

One of my favourite Big Clive videos Fanny Flambeaux – Maximum smokin pussy girl power!

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