Krita 3.1 is now in Zesty archive

Today the Krita team releases Krita 3.1.0 !

Krita 3.1 is the result of half a year of intense work and contains many new features, performance improvement and bug fixes. It’s now possible to use render animations (using ffmpeg) to gif or various video formats. You can use a curve editor to animate properties. Soft-proofing was added for seeing how your artwork will look in print. A new color picker that allows selecting wide-gamut colors. There is also a new brush engine that paints fast on large canvases, a stop-based gradient editor.


The Kubuntu team have been busy packaging Krita and have uploaded it to the Zesty (17.04) archive.  To install Krita, just type:

sudo apt install krita

or install from your favourite package manager.

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