QtCon 2016 – Day 2

Another busy day at QtCon, today I attended a number of talks and spoke with more people, in the flesh!  I find it amazing to actually meet all these people I only know from their IRC nicks, to put a face and a personality to them is quite something!

Ovidiu Florin has been working on getting KDevelop 5.0 to compile on his machine today and not having much luck with it.  We have been talking about adding KDevelop to KCI so that we are packaging and making the latest git master available to people who wants it.  Hopefully we will catch up with Phillip tomorrow and see if that is possible.

This evening I decided to try some Berlinese food and put my name down to go to Restauration 1840.  I headed back to the Hostel to grab a quick shower and “freshen up”.  Then I walked over to Hackescher-Markt to find the restaurant everyone was at waiting on me!  Once again the mobile internet on my phone wouldn’t work and I got very lost!  I was walking around and around the train station and couldn’t see the restaurant.  It turns out that it is actually under the train station, while I was searching on the streets around it!!


I finally met up with the rest of the group and we had a very interesting meal!  After which we were invited to the FSFE 15th birthday party.  The others staying at the same place as me decided to go back and get some rest, and I didn’t fancy trying to find my way back on my own (I am very bad at finding my way about in Germany), so I just went back to the hostel for some more hacking and then bed.

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