The return home

Today I got up, feeling very sorry for myself and packed my stuff.  Not because I was home sick, but because it had hit me that the whole experience which I enjoyed so much was coming to an end.  I checked out of the accommodation and headed to the train station, boarding a very timely (you could set your watch by it!) train to Schönefeld Airport.  Again the heat was causing me to sweat like crazy and when I got to the airport there was a queue for security going back out the door!  So I checked my bag and stood in line for almost 50 mins.  When I finally did get to the security area, I was abused by a German security officer.  I was taken off to a curtained area and had to be frisked and swabbed.  I have no idea why they picked on me, maybe I looked suspicious sweating and soaking wet.

I must say I felt totally violated by it, and not only that, I was late for my flight and had to rush through the airport to get to my gate. I finally got onto the aeroplane and heading back home.  Coming into Dublin I seemed to develop a head cold and my ears wouldn’t pop no matter how much I chewed, swallowed or yawned.  So I landed in Dublin almost deaf!  Dublin greeted me with the same weather as when I left, miserable and wet!  I made my way to the bus stop only to find that my bus wasn’t running because of some strike action going on.  The conductor was trying to organise a replacement bus, which eventually turned up and would accept my pre-booked ticket!


The bus journey was long, boring and miserable.  I still couldn’t hear properly and was missing the people I’d grown so close to over this past week.  I can definitely say that this was one of the best experiences of my life and I’m very thankful for the chance to do it.

I’d like to thank the Ubuntu Community Fund for funding me. Not only has it cemented the relationships and friendships firmly in place, but it also has been very productive and a huge learning experience for me.

Thank you to the Kubuntu community for your donations, as without them none of this would have been possible.

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